31 / 05 / 2022

Manufacturer Bios: An Insight into Marzocchi

Welcome to the fifth instalment of our blog series where we introduce you to some of the many world-class manufacturers we work with.

Primary Fluid Power is a UK leading distributor of hydraulic systems and components, working with a selective range of global leading manufacturers to provide the highest quality products on the market to our customers.

In this blog, we will be taking a look into Marzocchi Pompe, and discovering a little more about the products they have to offer.

What does Marzocchi do?

Marzocchi Pompe SpA has become one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance external gear pumps and motors.

An Italian company founded in 1949, Marzocchi’s original business venture focused on motorcycle suspensions and by 1995 had developed into the production of hydraulic power steering and automatic/semi-automatic transmission pumps.

Today, the company is world-renowned as a market leader in hydraulic components, serving a wide range of industries including automotive, industrial, medical equipment, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, marine, transportation, energy, and material handling applications.

Learn more about their products below.

Marzocchi Gear Pumps

External gear pumps are one of the most common pump types to be used in hydraulic systems for many different applications across industrial and mobile sectors.

Marzocchi’s renowned range of gear pumps has been developed over 60 years of research, product design, production processes and rigorous testing – it now stands as one of the largest collections available on the market.

Designed to perform under heavy operating conditions, Marzocchi gear pumps are capable of transmitting considerable hydraulic force with high mechanical and volumetric efficiency. Their range of gear pumps are compact in design with low noise level output

Their robust pump body, flange and cover are made with high-resistant aluminium alloy to minimise deformation when exposed to high pressure. Gears are crafted with special steel, which has undergone case-hardening, and quench hardening processes, before ensuring a high degree of surface finishing.

Their range includes a selection of group sizes, shafts, flanges, displacements, ports, and single or multiple pumps. Browse the full range here.

marzocchi gear pumps

Marzocchi Gear Motors

As is standard across the Marzocchi product range; their collection of gear motors are designed for applications with higher operating pressures.

Fully equipped with an aluminium motor housing and cast iron motor flange and cover, Marzocchi gear motors are designed to transmit high hydraulic power and are capable of performing under heavy operating conditions.

Primary Fluid Power can supply an extensive range of Marzocchi gear pumps plus a range of seal and assembly kits for your application. If you’re looking for a specific gear pump or motor, and can’t find it on our website, please get in touch with us and we can help.

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