Hydraulic Component Design & Manufacture

From our facilities in Knowsley, we produce millions of high-quality hydraulic fittings each year. KR tube couplings and adaptors have been designed, tested and manufactured by our team and have provided leak-free solutions successfully on thousands of applications over the past 20 years. We are now the sole manufacturer of Betabite imperial fittings, providing a full range of OD and NB tube and pipe fittings.

With our highly experienced production team and state-of-the-art CNC machines, we provide customers with high-quality hydraulic fittings with pressure ratings up to 690 bar. Our extensive knowledge of hydraulic fittings and our efficient production process allows us to deliver customised bespoke fittings to customers within seven days. KR and Betabite high-pressure rated hydraulic fittings provide solutions to many industries across the globe including gas, chemical and nuclear.

Engineering Centre of Excellence

Through our Engineering Centre of Excellence, we also provide:

  • Planned scheduled maintenance
  • Workshop component repair
  • Support and test facilities
  • Fault and oil analysis
  • Contamination control programmes with ISO 4406 reports
  • 24/7 availability