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Good quality hydraulic filtration that offers a high contamination removal efficiency is essential to the operation and longevity of any hydraulic system.

Primary Fluid Power stocks an extensive range of hydraulic filters to meet the demands of your application. Our product range includes industrial & mobile filtration, spin on return & tank filtration, and even more filter systems from market-leading manufacturers such as Parker and PALL. We can also supply filter replacements with next-day delivery to keep your operations running smoothly.

Looking for a specific filtration product that we haven’t got in stock? Or not quite sure what filter you need? Get in touch with Primary Fluid Power. Our team of technical experts are on hand to recommend and source the right product for you.

What is hydraulic filtration?

When foreign particles enter the oil or hydraulic fluid, they can quickly travel through the hydraulic system, which can then result in damage to the system and reduce its operational efficiency. To help limit contamination in the system, a good hydraulic filtration system should be put in place.

Hydraulic filters help to maintain the quality of the fluids inside the system, by regularly cleaning the fluid and removing contamination. Hydraulic systems typically contain more than one filter, and these will range from low-pressure filters to heavy-duty filters depending on the application.