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Hydraulic valves are designed to control the direction of flow of oil within a hydraulic circuit. By controlling the flow rate to motors and cylinders, they are therefore able to regulate the speed of those components.

At Primary Fluid Power we stock a wide range of hydraulic valves, including screw-in, directional control valves and mobile controlled options, from the likes of Eaton Vickers and Roquet.

Are you looking to purchase, replace or repair a particular hydraulic valve? Let us help. We have the in-house facilities to assemble complete components and meet any urgent needs for hydraulic valves, building and modifying products to meet your exact specifications. 

Did you know?

Hydraulic valves are an integral component of all hydraulic systems. While a pump converts mechanical energy into fluid pressure, hydraulic valves are on hand to control that fluid flow. Control is provided by dictating the direction and amount of power, achieved through cutting off, diverting or providing overflow relief.

The controlled pressurised fluid is then delivered to the systems’ actuators at the required pressure level and volume, as controlled by the hydraulic valve.

They must be capable of withstanding 3,000 psi/206 Bar or more of fluid pressure, and so they are manufactured from steel or iron for added robustness.