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At Primary Fluid Power we proudly stock and distribute gear pumps manufactured by Roquet, Mazrocchi and Rickmeier. It is a wide range of gear pumps for a variety of tasks, in a wide range of industrial applications. For those who are not well versed on the different manufacturers and their applications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly so we can help.

We can build and modify gear pumps to your exact specifications, so be assured that we have in-house facilities to assemble complete components to meet any urgent gear pump needs. 

Our gear pumps are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, and priced competitively.

Did you know?

Gear pumps are composed of two gears rotating against each other to provide fluid movement. The drive gear is driven by an electric motor connected to a shaft, meshing with and driving the movement of the idle gear. Fluid trapped in the slots between each tooth is carried around and discharged into the cavity with the outlet port. Meshing of the teeth in the middle of the pump seals the outlet port from the inlet port, no fluid passes between the gears.