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Primary Fluid Power offers a range of Vickers Industrial Piston Pumps. For a combination of maximum horsepower in a small package, high efficiency, serviceability and economy, Vickers high output pumps are unequalled anywhere in industry.

You may be looking to replace or repair a particular Vickers Industrial Piston Pump to specification. If you already know what it is you need from us, or you’d simply like to learn a little more about Vickers Industrial Piston pumps, just contact us directly and one of our team would be delighted to help.

We also have the in-house facilities to assemble complete components to meet any urgent needs. We can therefore build and modify Vickers Industrial Piston Pumps to the specifications that you give us.

Did you know?

PVQ piston pumps are in-line, variable displacement units and are available in nine sizes. Displacement is varied by means of pressure and/or flow compensator controls. An impressive assortment of control options offers maximum operating flexibility. 

PVQs operate at quietness levels that meet today’s demanding industrial conditions. The sound level of each unit approaches or is below that of the electric motor driving it. Sound is reduced by a patented timing arrangement that also produces low pressure “pulses” in the outlet flow. This leads to reduced tendencies for noise in systems using PVQs