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Primary Fluid Power offers a range of Vickers vane pumps including both single vane and intravane pumps. For a combination of maximum horsepower in a small package, high efficiency, serviceability and economy, Vickers high output pumps are unequalled anywhere in industry.

You may be looking to replace or repair a particular Vickers vane pump to specification. If you already know what it is you need from us, or you’d simply like to learn a little more about Vickers vane pumps, just contact us directly and one of our team would be delighted to help.

We also have the in-house facilities to assemble complete components to meet any urgent needs. We can therefore build and modify Vickers vane pumps to the specifications that you give us.

Did you know?

Purchased by Eaton in 1999, Vickers Hydraulics is part of the Eaton collection of manufacturers. Vickers Hydraulics was one of the pioneering hydraulics companies and was responsible for the first fluid analysis system. Eaton has since been acquired by Danfoss.

Vickers vane pumps are part of a wider range of industry leading products that also includes vane hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders and controls. The products play an integral role in a long list of industries including agriculture, defence, aerospace and mechanics to name but a few.