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Eaton’s Vickers valves are engineered to provide a consistently reliable performance, no matter the demands that are placed on them, or the operating conditions they are placed within.

“Sandwich” mounted between a directional valve and a standard mounting surface, Eaton SystemStak TM modular valves are compact hydraulic systems.

Primary Fluid Power is the UK’s most trusted stockists of Eaton Vickers valves. We stock all of the relevant valves, spares and modules and are fully equipped to repair or replace any valves.

When required, we can modify or build any existing products to meet your exact specifications. Just get in touch with us directly to let us know what you need.

Did you know?

Eaton SystemStak TM valves provide compact cost-effective actuator control. With these valves, you can achieve small control assemblies, especially when the valves are used with multi-station manifolds. The system response is improved by the compact design which removes the need for external fluid connectors, therefore eliminating resonant sound.

Each valve “stak” can be constructed to provide the specific configuration of functions required to meet system requirements.