Eaton’s Vickers CETOP valves are engineered to provide a seamlessly reliable performance, no matter the operating conditions they are in, or the demands placed on them.

Deployed in systems across the globe, Vickers industrial valves are renowned for their reliability, durability and high level of performance no matter the industry or application setting.

Primary Fluid Power is the UK’s most trusted stockists of Eaton Vickers valves. We house all of the relevant valves, modules and spares, and are also fully equipped to professionally replace or repair any Eaton Vickers valves that come our way.

We can build or modify existing products to meet your specifications. We can offer an array of spool types in spring-offset, spring centred and detented arrangements. Just get in touch with us to let us know what you need.

Did you know?

The range of four-port solenoid operated directional control valves with four-land design from Vickers facilitate the provision of smooth, variable valve response speeds. This allows variable speed changeover potential in all DC models.

Viton seals come as a standard in this range, and allow for multi-fluid capability (nitrile seals are also available upon request). This permits higher sustained machine productivity and higher uptime because of proven fatigue life and endurance, tested over 20 million cycles.