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Eaton’s Vickers valves are engineered to provide a consistently reliable performance, no matter the demands that are placed on them, or the operating conditions they are placed within.

Primary Fluid Power is the UK’s largest stockists of Eaton Vickers CETOP 8 valves. Not only do we house all of the relevant valves, and spares, but we are also professionally equipped to replace or repair any Eaton Vickers CETOP 8 valves that come our way.

We are also able to build or modify existing products to meet your exact specifications. Just get in touch with us directly to let us know what you need.

Did you know?

Eaton Vickers two stage directional valves are pilot pressure operated. A two-stage valve is comprised of a pilot valve and a larger main stage valve into one assembly. When a pilot valve solenoid is energised the pilot spool moves and fluid is diverted to the mainstage, in turn controlling the main stage spool movement.

Directional valve operation is determined by four key factors: spool positioning, spool type, method of control and special features. Selection of the above factors establish and regulate desired flow paths through the internal ports of the valve.