For over 70 years, Eaton Vickers SICV modules have led the industry providing customers with quality products and innovative solutions for all their power and motion control requirements.

At Primary Fluid Power we are proud to stock Vickers SICV Modules. We can offer the full range of Eaton Vickers Modules.

We are also able to build or modify existing products to meet your exact specifications. Just get in touch with us directly to let us know what you need.

Did you know?

Eaton’s SICV Modules provide many advantages over traditional hydraulic modules, offering the same control functions in a compact, reliable and economical assembly.

By using Vicker’s SICV Modules you will have improved response times and efficiency gains, by eliminating many of the hoses, tubes and fittings necessary in traditional installations. With fewer potential leakage points than with conventional valves ensuring cleaner, safer application environments.