Eaton leads the industry in SICV Solenoid valve technology; even in the harshest environments you can rely on Eaton SICV Solenoid Valves to meet nearly every flow, pressure and directional control challenge.

At Primary Fluid Power we are proud to stock Vickers SICV Solenoid valves. Not only do we offer new products to purchase, but we are also professionally equipped to replace or repair any SICV Solenoid valves that come our way.

We are also able to build or modify existing products to meet your exact specifications. Just get in touch with us directly to let us know what you need.

Did you know?

With superior ingress protection and unsurpassed performance, Eaton’s solenoid valves are available in a range of flow paths and position options allowing for great flexibility when designing fluid power systems.

Eaton’s integrated Hydraulics solenoid valves are made of hardened steel, ground and honed for long life and low leakage. Plus, all exposed surfaces are zinc dichromate plated to help resist corrosion.