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As a proud partner of Honeywell, Primary Fluid Power are one of the leading UK distributors for their range of sensor, switch, and control components for industrial and hydraulic applications.

Here you will find their multifunction column switch, used for switching combinations of indicators, lights, wipers, wash and horns, along with its related accessories & parts including a shifter clamp, flasher connector, button fixing kit, and more.

Should you need any repairs or modifications to any of our products, we are fully equipped with on-site facilities to build or modify items. We’ll have your products ready for same day or next day delivery, so you can get your operations back up and running without delay.

Why choose Honeywell switches?

Honeywell’s switch and sensor solutions catalogue comprises of more than 50,000 products. As one of the industry-leading manufacturers of engineering solutions, they offer one of the most extensive selections of sensing and switching products in the world.

Built to withstand harsh environments and rugged conditions, their switches are employed in both basic and complex applications across an array of industries, including agriculture, construction and transportation.

The multifunction column switch is one of many Honeywell switches and sensors stocked by Primary Fluid Power.