Fairey Arlon Type H Model Replacement Elements

150 Z 110A240 Z 110A250 Z 1FFA250 Z 110A170 L 122A170 L 123A170 L 222A170 L 223A170 S 123B170 Z 220A170 Z 222A170 Z 223X350 Z 310A270 F 123B270 L 122A270 L 123A270 L 222A270 L 223A270 T 223A270 Z 220A270 Z 221A270 Z 223A370 F 223B370 F 323B370 L 123A370 L 222A370 L 223A370 L 323A370 Z 120A370 Z 123A370 Z 220A370 Z 320A370 Z 321ATXW5-5-B270 Z 220B270 T 220A

Fairey Arlon Replacement Elements for Type H model 100, 200 & 300.

100 Model Max Flow 100 l/min
200 Model Max flow 200 l/min
300 Model Max Flow 300 l/min


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